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A Review of : Vanessa Hidary’s The Last Kaiser Roll In The Bodega


The Last Kaiser Roll In The Bodega by Vanessa Hidary

       I don’t know Vanessa Hidary personally, but I know her work….its personal. Her body of work speaks for a  multitude of people, genders, and relationships.  The Last Kaiser Roll in the Bodega was a written testament to the strength pulled from Vanessa’s life experiences.  It was all that I expected but nothing that I expected all wrapped in one. This review was meant to be received much sooner, but something kept pulling back in, something kept asking me to please pay attention specifically to it. I happily obliged. This book is a roller coaster of emotions making you pay attention and think at the speed of two trains leaving different stations at the same speed; where they meet in the middle is up to you…. but you’ll love it there.–> Continue reading


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Calling All Poets!!!: New York- NEW SHOW!

In short, the tweet read:

Seeking spoken-word artists, hip-hop poets, monologists for a new stage series launching in NYC – Click here to view post– tell your friends..


So, what kind of person would I be if I were to keep this all to myself? Yes, my staff and I travel , almost daily, but I would not be able to commit to this. This is where you come in.

Click the link, follow, and submit.

One day, we’re going to start charging for these services. But for now, consider it a favor from one poet to the next!

*Pen Click*

Prose N’ Proper

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